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Marshmallow Catapults

Published May 25, 2020.










Make sure that you wash your hands before beginning this project! And remember to HAVE FUN!
Materials Needed
  • 7 skewers
  • 1 rubberband
  • 4 marshmallows
  • tape
  • plastic spoon
What to do:
1. Use 3 marshmallows and make a triangle with the skewers (marshmallows act as the glue)
2. Use 3 more skewers and 1 more marshmallow to form a pyramid
3. Tape plastic spoon securely onto the end of another skewer
4. Loop a thin rubber band around the topmost marshmallow
5. Insert spoon skewer through the rubber band into one of the base of the marshmallows
6. Put a smaller marshmallow (or piece of a big one) in the spoon and pull backwards to shoot marshmallows
Optional: tape a square on a table and see if you can shoot in the square!
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